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Our Competitive Edge: Being Different, not just Better.

Kent Rackett, Esq. is an ultra responsive, solutions based tax law practice that strives to be unique in a ever changing market.  Personalized attention, Customization to your needs, Fast turn around times, Easy to engage – these traits are what sets us apart because it’s what our clients demand.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome

Tax Problem Solving

Our most satisfying efforts focus on peace of mind by helping taxpayers resolve an IRS or State issue.

Tax Planning

Rewards for those savvy enough to consider the tax aspects of personal and business decisions through out the year.

Tax Preparation

Trust us to make sure your tax filings our accurate, timely and pay not more than the minimum legal tax.

Business Consulting

We advise on tax aspects of business transactions working in conjunction with your primary professional.

We work with Taxpayers:


(1) Anticipating Serious Tax Problems requiring a Savvy Advocate

(2) that are Self-Employed & Small Business owners seeking Financial Clarity

(3) Facing Sensitive Tax Situations requiring Immediate AttentionEsq.

(4) who are Foreigners & Overseas Taxpayers with Concerns.

Why Choose Us?

  • Responsive to Time Sensitive Matters
  • Easy to Engage by Phone or Email
  • Experienced Lawyer and Accountant
  • Transparent and Competitive Pricing
  • Personalized, Detail Attention to needs

Practice Specialties

Unfiled Taxes

If you fail to file your tax return, the IRS can prepare one for you based on third party payer reporting.  This usually results in an overstatement of taxes!


Audit Inquiries can vary in degree from a correspondence letter to a personal appointment.  In either case, it’s important to discuss strategy with an attorney.


Penalties can be a significant portion of tax liability, but can be forgiven for Reasonable cause – circumstances beyond your control.

Foreign Taxes

Foreign Bank Reporting Compliance and Taxpayers seeking to exclude a significant portion of their income from U.S. Taxation by adhering to strict travel rules.

Tax Court

Often times tax matters cannot be resolved without litigation.  We will fight the government for you in Tax Court to ensure you are paying the legal minimum amount of taxes due.

State Taxes

Aside from income tax, more and more businesses are becoming liable for sales and local taxes.  Are your sure your business is paying taxes to the proper jurisdiction?

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Tax Problems…Solved! Fast, Easy, Reliable.